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The history of the building
159 23rd St
Marriner S. Eccles built a farm implement and sundries store at 159 23rd St in the early 20's (there is some decrepency in the actual date).
Close to the Union Station and with a train track on the west side it was a perfect spot for his business.

Born in Logan in 1890, Marriner S. Eccles  worked at his father's Oregon lumber mills prior to managing the family estate. His business activities flourished during the prosperous 1920s, and at various times, he served as president of First Savings Bank, Sego Milk Products Company, Utah Construction Company, Stoddard Lumber Company, and First Security Corporation.
In the early seventies there were two apartment complex's and the Ogden Ironworks, Moss ambulance and other homes and business as well as an elementary school. Because of the increasing crime rate the area was declared a blight zone and many building were torn down and new ones raised. The Eccles family sold the building at that time and since then it has been home to a cabinet making shop, thrift store and crafts store in between business's it lay dormant. In 2000 the Dark Domain was the first of two haunted attractions to move into it. In 2002 Dead Haven took over.

The building itself was not host to any type of trauma that UPER knows of but the area surrounding the building has seen it's share of accidents, crime and fatalities. At the time UPER became involved in the building renovating and remodeling were occurring around the site. Could it be possible that disturbed spirits moved to a quieter place or were they drawn to the energy of the frightened people going though the attraction? Maybe a little of both and those who are just passing through.

If anyone has more information on the building please drop us an e-mail. Your name will be kept confidential.