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Layton Home

On September 22nd 2001 UPER was invited to a home in Layton  Utah that has had a great deal of activity.

While the home is not old nor does the property seem to have a history the family does.
The home was quiet through the first owner and into the 2nd owner and the owners are related.

        It wasn't until after the death of the Mr B's Father that the house became active. At that time Mr B. approached his Mother and Brother in law to see if they were also experiencing activity and they were not.  The activity appeared to center around electrical devices including tv's and remote control devices, however stools were being tipped over and then set upright and the sound of a fire engines horn was heard from the closet. Right after the death of Mr B's dad Mrs B. decided fire extinguishers were needed so two were bought, one was placed in the master bedroom and  it was decided to place one in the kitchen. There seemed to be nowhere  it would fit so they tried the pantry............and there sitting in the middle of the shelf was a very old fire extinguisher with a good amount of dust on it. Now this pantry had been relined and stocked just prior to buying the fire extinguishers and at no time was this old one seen, ever.

Mr B. then approached his Mother and confided his thoughts to her and she asked her husband to "Please stop bothering the kids, you are scaring them" and all was quiet for about a year and a half till Mr B's Mother passed away.

Since then, red lights have appeared in the living room, white smoke has been seen upstairs lasting over an hour with no explanation for it ever being found and a clock and calendar have had the #7 disappear from them. A tv in the kitchen also turned on several times one day during a news broadcast of a house on fire.

What makes this investigation even more interesting was the fact Mr B's Father was a fireman and was always worried about the house catching on fire and the number on his helmet and fire engine was a number 7