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Salina, Utah
A little bit about Salina

Salina , town (1990 pop. 1,943), Sevier co., central Utah, on Salina Creek, near Sevier R.  Elev. 5,147 ft/1,569 m. Shipping point for cattle, sheep, poultry; sugar beets, alfalfa; dairying, turkey processing. Coal, salt mining.  Settled 1863, abandoned during Indian troubles (1866), resettled 1871. Because of abundant salt deposits nearby, settlers in the northern portion of the Sevier Valley named their settlement Salina or “place of salt”. The Redmond Salt Mine, just north of Salina, is nearly 100 years old and is still active. Salina has long been known as a crossroads for people going East, West, North and South.

The preleminary investigation was done on October 2000 and the first follow up in May 2001.

  The owners have a restaurant and motel on the property, both were built at the turn of the century and boast a number of paranormal events. There is also a newer section of the motel which has almost no activity reported and where most guest staying there have rooms.
There are three main spirits a man, woman, and little girl. The rooms are above the restaurant are rented out for long term guests. At one time the motels assistant manager lived in one of the rooms and had a baby that she would put in a wind up swing while she napped and when she would awaken 30 minutes to an hour later the swing would still be in motion (10 minutes is the norm for these swings to run). Employees have heard a man come in the back door and say "I'm here" and walk down the hallway. Silverware has diappeared from the banquet tables, voices have been heard as well as people seen where  there was no one.

Over the memorial day weekend  2001 UPER went back to Salina

and spent the night. While in the restaurant we took the pictures that are shown below.

The interesting thing about these pictures is that we were not getting any activity so we decided to try some music, and as soon as the music began to play we started to record events on both camera and camcorder nothing however registered on the tape recorder.

  Later we retired to our rooms and about 2 hours into our sleep I (Merry) awoke and was debating the merits of taking a Tylenol when I heard a male voice at my bedside say
"It's too cold in here"
I assumed it was Zane  who was sleeping on a rollaway at the foot of my bed and so I called out to him twice and had no reply.  At that time I thought we might have a visitor and I asked them to leave the room as they were not invited and the voice replied again right by my ear
I then moved faster than ever before in my life and  turned on the bedside lamp only to find Zane in his bed and Tracey in the bed next to me. Nothing was between the wall and my bed where the voice had come from. The rest of the night was uneventful.