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A small shop nestled among many, you could walk by and not take a second look unless you had business in it. The owner of the building has enjoyed 20 plus years in the location and in that time he and his staff have noticed many odd occurrences, a TV turning on by itself, footsteps on the stairway, lights turning on and off, doors that opened and closed and doors that would not open. The shop shares the same shady past as the rest of the buildings on Electric Alley. UPER was asked to come in and see if an explanation could be found for the phenomenon.

January 2004.

  The weather is calm, clear and cold. 3 of us are in the basement while two others set up on the second floor. While camcorders and tape recorders are running a door to the right of where the 3 are in the basement is heard turning slowly nothing is caught on tape and the basement goes quiet.  Equipment is moved from the basement to the first floor and set up two of the three go upstairs. The first floor is quiet and activity is slight on the second floor. However a camcorder set up looking down the stairs to the basement catches the sound of footsteps comming up and then going back down.

This picture was taken on the second floor. The background has been altered in order to preserve privacy. This image was captured in the middle of the room and nothing unusual or hanging from the ceiling was noted at the time. UPER has not ruled out a natural anomoly at this time.
August 2004

   For this investigation the weather is calm with temperatures in the low 70's a full moon is visable. The basement is quiet as well as the first floor but the 2nd floor shows promise. All is quiet till one of the buildings staff brings up a name and then a bathroom light comes on as the door is opened the emf meter shows several spikes and then goes silent. For the next 30 minutes the emf meter shows sporadic spikes when the name is brought up again. A visitor to the shop long ago had told them a man whose name started with a "K" was there and so the staff gave him the name Kevin.
  After a while all the people and equipment move downstairs for an hour and the remainder of the investigation is uneventful.