Electric Alley
(25th Street)
This page will cover investigations from 16th to 36th Street and Washington Blvd to Wall. Because all of these are confidential UPER will not list them by name or location rather the case number.
25th Street (Electric alley) is remembered as an intriguing place of excitement and variety. Saloons and bordellos stood side by side with more conventional businesses which thrived on Oden's status as a railroad hub.

Mrs. Dora B. Topham,
                    Utah's notorious "Belle London"
                    of Ogden's "Electric Alley,"

                                  200 block of 25th St (1900)

The following bit of history was provided by Ron Atencio

The history of Twenty-Fifth Street is a long and exciting history. The buildings that are left on this street have seen over a hundred years of life in three centuries ranging from the prairie pioneer days of the mid to late 1800's of Brownsville, to the railroad boom called the Junction City of the early 1900's to prohibition where underground life ruled the street hence being known as little Chicago in the 1920's, 30's & 40's to the decline of the street into ghetto, winos, bar brawls, red light hookers, buildings collapsing and the nickname “Two-bit Street” of the 50's and 60's.