Union Station
Union Station circa 1900
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Union Station in Ogden, Utah was the hub of transcontinental rail traffic for over 50 years. The current building, an impressive Mediterranean style structure, was constructed in 1924 after the original building was destroyed by fire.

The grand lobby is typical of
train stations built in the early
1900s and includes large
murals at each end of the
lobby depicting the completion
of the transcontinental railroad.
In addition to museums and an
art gallery, the building also
hosts a tourist information center, restaurant, train shop and gift shops. Just adjacent to the main depot is the M. S. Browning Theatre where shows, meetings, lectures, banquets and conventions are held.
This was taken in the first floor hallway. It appears to be at  the end of the hall and it's bright appearance  as well as size leads us to belive it is not dust or debris
This is on the west end of the stage in the conference room. As you can see it is outside the flash range and has a nice pink tinge to it. The blue item further back is a stage light.
This is one of three pink
orbs. The first was photographed in the Egyptian Theatre in Ogden.The remaining two in the Union Station three years apart
Why they are pink is unknown
The bright orb intrigues us because of it's very white rim and darker blue center. This was taken before anyone walked down the hallway