It was about 1999 when the Godfather's investigation started:

The owner had been having activity for 18 years that started on his 2nd night, when a jukebox began playing although the power had been shut off and then remained playing after the owner pulled the plug and was looking at the end of it dangling from his hand.

On two occasions, all of the restaurant's doors, including the bathroom stall doors, began violently swinging and banging.

One by one, an entire box worth of 3-foot replacement fluorescent light bulbs levitated, then hurtled through the air and smashed on the floor.

Large sections of the restaurant's floor tile bulged up several feet, later returning to normal.

Faces and handprints appeared in pans of just-baked cookies.

Fully formed ghosts have frequently appeared before employees and guests, then disappeared by walking through a wall. Regular apparitions have included a little boy in a baseball cap, a woman in a turn of the century dress and a man possibly a French trapper from the early 1800's
These have been seen more than once with one time only visits from others. Besides the owner, employees and customers have witnessed other various phenonenon.
As of October 2003 the building was still active, Doug's key would bend as it neared the lock on the door of the building., a load of silverware going through the dishwasher came out fine with the exception of one fork which came out bent in two places on the handle. The light in the hallway kept burning out somtimes in seconds.

  The original picture of the GodFathers Boy

         The picture has been identified by the owner
          as one of the boy's seen in the restaurant.

These are the thoughts of the photographer who examined the picture. UPER has attached the resulting photo with this e-mail.

        I opened it in Photoshop6, cropped the image to the area you now see, increased the resolution to 300ppi, and changed the image size to 7 Then, I used the unsharp mask filter at 100%, with a radius of 3.3 and a threshold of 0. Those were the only settings I used to clean it up. No
further enhancement was done on the original image.

My observation with the photo are what you've mentioned ... the very bottom bar is a reflection on the table by the bar above it and the form is behind it and yet there is lens flair above the form suggests that the form is in front of the window.



Other GodFathers images    

This is the picture I (Merry) took in August of 2000 while continuing an investigation of the building. I was using a Panasonic 1.3 million pixel digital camera set on normal. I did not know at the time I had captured an image.  Doug the owner had seen a mist building up in what he perceived to be the center of the room and I snapped a photo in the direction he was pointing. I was very surprised and skeptical of what I saw in the photo and made several copies of it so I could enhance the image without losing the original. Because of my lack of formal training in photography I had a chance to send this to a Professional and the results are posted under the picture

Here is what I see in the image:

        It appears that the figure is standing on
INSIDE of the room, though there doesn't appear to be anyone physically in the room itself. There is some mist-like stuff that seems to be in the area where the person would be standing, if there were someone in the image. By zooming in on the photo, I can sort of see that the person is short, appears to be a boy, though it is impossible to be certain. The person's face is in profile, the nose being obvious as is the ear. The hair seems to be parted on the person's left side, since that is the area of the head that appears in the reflection. A white starch collar is the most prominent feature of the person's clothing, leading us to assume that the figure is a male. Also, it appears that the figure is standing at the front edge of the table (the edge nearest to the camera lens) and is leaning with his/her left hand resting on that flat edge of the table. The shirt is rather blousy and is ill-defined, but is still visible. 
        a small orb top center
The picture below is interesting because the bright object in the upper right hand corner appears to be traveling inside the room.
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