The members of UPER,

are a responsible team. We do not trespass or go uninvited onto property, we are careful to leave no evidence of our being there and disturb nothing. Safety is always a #1 priority and we never go alone or to places that are dangerous or hazardous and we encourage others to please do  the same.

What we are about:
UPER is a non profit organization made up of professional people who share an  interest in the unknown. We are not paid for the work and research that we do.  We are involved in an ongoing effort to photograph, record and document  paranormal activity.
We have no desire to publish false pictures, evp or statements nor attempt to fool the public in general. UPER realizes and appreciates the skeptics  among us and welcomes their input. As a group we investigate, experiment,  document, interview and submit our findings in an effort to learn more about  the world we live in and share with many other life forms.

  UPER is trying to further the study of the paranormal in an attempt to answer questions prove or disprove some common beliefs, conceptions or misconceptions.

UPER also belives in community spirit and values and the importance
of helping the people who are our neighbors, our friends