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Dead Haven

This was in the same N. Utah Cemetery on a different night. I was standing by myself when I felt an uncomfortable tingle on my face and arms, I snapped this picture and my first thought was that I had my finger too near the lens. I tried to duplicate the shot and could not. That plus the way the light moves out away from the center suggests some type of energy. Also as you can see that was at a leval of about 5 feet high and there was nothing to cast a reflection and again it was a calm clear night.
This was taken in the late afternoon. No mist
was noticed at the time the picture was taken. When the negative was examined it was noted that the mist was not as close to the lens as thought and possibley behind the tombstone based on the lighter representation of the negative.

UPER calls this one Slimer.

In the original shot you are just looking at a local cemetery , however there appeared to be an anomoly in the background
and when I zoomed in I found this.

This was taken prior to a service in a mortuary. In the picture two things are noticable one the bright anomoly in the lower left hand corner. Along the bottom is a black anomoly that covers the people in the picture and extends behind the brighter one. This was taken with a 35mm camera 400 speed film.
I was standing in the center of the room with no one else around when the picture was taken.

In the first picture above you will see three orbs which UPER belives to be dust or debris. In the yellow circle you will notice a bright blue anomolie. When the pictures were reviewed a few minutes later Tracey went back to search for a cause maybe some paper or foil. The ground was clear. When the picture was enlarged we found it was not an orb but rather a light that seems to be eminating from the ground
This was taken on private property in N. Utah. There have been several reports of hauntings here.
Taken on a clear but breezy night, nothing was noticed at the time and there was no debris on or near where the picture was taken.
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This was taken at the Fort Douglas Cemetary. The green did not show up in any other picture.

Please remember to
always get permission
before going into cemetaries or private property
On this page there are not many "ORB" pictures.
This is due to our experments in orb photography which UPER will get into later on, however this one was very interesting because of it's pearl like quality. You will notice it is right in front of the lens and the flash could explain it's brightness. All that considered This is the only orb with a pearl like appearance UPER has seen thus far.
The picture to the right shows an orb just out of the flash range and with a green tint to it. UPER has encountered different colored orbs and as of yet do not have a reason for the coloration
This was taken in a Pet Store located in the Ogden Mall. The film speed was 800.

The store had a history of  paranormal activity with staff as well as customers witnessing the activity.

Although close to the flash UPER has no explanation for the anomolie or the pattern of movment and speed in which it moves.
This was taken in the driveway of a turn of the century victorian home in Ogden. Although there is a tree to the left it was not obstructing the area in front of me, and it appears to cast a shadow behind it. The history of the home is sketchy at best. Part of a dairy farm it may have been a boarding home for disabled war vets.